Daily Pratices for More Joy

These are three good practices I use daily. Making these a part of my life has brought more excitement and joy into my life experiences.

  1. Letting go of control: Realizing that we are not in control over the events that take place in our life helps us let go of the attachments to the outcome.  By changing your thought patterns you may reduce stress and worry about how all the details are going to play out. When you realize you are pushing, pushing, pushing – Stop, relax, breathe and let go.
  2. Accept that you are amazing! From the moment you awaken, smiling and bringing up your energy, release the limiting beliefs of your past self. Create a fabulous new you every morning.  Always remember and give yourself permission to be amazing.
  3. Human – yes, you are! Mistakes are going to happen. People feelings are going to get hurt and you will sometimes feel hurt also. Give yourself a break! Be forgiving, compassionate and loving to yourself.

If these resonate with you, write key words on a piece of paper and tape it to your mirror. First thing each morning, review your key words and practice them until they become a part of who you are because you are amazing!

Shine On! ~Share with Love~


A Higher Frequency – Joy! & Video

Shine On!

Where do we find joy? Joy, like all other emotions, whether negative or positive is a vibration or frequency. Guilt, fear and anger are all frequencies under 200. On the other hand, love, joy and gratitude are all frequencies over 500. Raising our vibration then, may be the key to experiencing joy. When the body’s energy, or frequency, is higher we are healthier in many ways.

The following is a list of suggestions for finding joy in your life. Ultimately, you must choose to be happy and joyous. You are the only one who can find reasons to feel good and experience joy. These may help get you started.

  • When you step outdoors see the beauty Mother Earth provides and be joyous. Really look at the flowers, plants and animals. Take a walk and look for nature’s beauty. Enjoy it.
  • Watch children – they seem to know the key to happiness. Joy seems natural to them as they sing, dance and play. It may be a good idea to play and have fun. Discover your inner child; see life through a child’s eyes.
  • Tune in to yourself. Take joy in making peace with whom and where you are. See the beauty of self. Acknowledge your divinity and live in appreciation.

All these actions tend to raise your emotional frequency. So, whatever it is that you find makes you feel good, happy and joyous, do it and do it often. You may find the feeling of joy comes to you easier as you practice it.

If you would like to learn more about finding joy, come see us on Wednesday, March 21st for the “Finding Joy In Your Life” class.

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Laughter IS The Best Medicine! So What Are You Waiting For? Laugh!

Laughter is a natural human reaction to humor. It’s a free and easy way to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Just Laugh!

Laughter is scientifically proven to be a powerful antidote to:

  • stress,
  • pain and
  • conflict
  • heals and renews
  • relaxing the body,
  • boosting the immune system,
  • protecting the heart and
  • releasing endorphins. (Endorphins are naturally produced by the body and give us that “feel good” feeling we all long for).

Something not so funny, is that on average, people laugh less today than they did back in the 1950s.

Laughing with others is powerful and there are several ways to bring laughter into your life.

  • Laugh at yourself – Don’t take yourself so seriously!
  • Look in the mirror and laugh at yourself!
  • Share personal funny stories with others!

Once you are able to laugh at yourself, others will be at ease in sharing and will gladly join in. Look for the irony or absurdity of life and laugh! I personally laugh at myself all the time. For any of you that have been around me or have taken a class, you know I am full of joy and laughter…So, just laugh!

Video with Tips On Laughter!