Shine On!

It is important to have confidence in all areas of your life.  Spiritual confidence is a sense of absolute conviction which cannot be affected by external or internal change. It is:

  • Unshakable
  • From deep insight into your true self
  • A precious gift
  • Freely from your awakened heart & mind
  • Open to all who receive it

Spiritual confidence is your anchor in the midst of your busy life. It holds you firm through life’s experiences.

During our present time of changes, turbulence and fear – spiritual confidence provides a powerful resource. You become the warrior. You connect with others of like beliefs, reach out to community and become the helping hand.

You can see and feel this confidence in those who have embraced their spirituality and walk their path. Love and joy emanate from their depths, from their heart and seems to pour from them. They are very comfortable with who they are and what they have to share.

Developing spiritual confidence takes a commitment from and to your higher self. The following are good questions to ask yourself if you desire more confidence in your spiritual life.

  • Do your actions or behaviors follow your beliefs?
  • Are you open – listening for guidance?
  • Do you practice living in love and joy?
  • Are you using your gifts and talents to benefit yourself and others?

If you would like to know more about spiritual confidence, come to the class “Creating Your Most Confident Self” on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.


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