Manifesting your Resolutions


New Year’s resolutions are commitments people make to themselves to improve or change their lives in the coming year. These are often forgotten during the first couple months of the year. Using the Law of Attraction and Manifesting is taking your resolutions to a higher level.

The Law of Attraction explains that our thoughts vibrate or radiate a signal and attracts a matching signal back. Whether the signal is positive or negative we will attract likewise. The Universe is fully available to us and our desires when we are open to receive. Manifestation is the belief that stating desires and focusing energy will bring our thoughts, or radiating signals, into physical reality. There are various ways to practice manifesting such as meditation, affirmations or speaking to your Higher Self or Source.
Some tips for turning resolutions into successful manifestations are:

  • State your intention – your spoken words are powerful. Be positive!
  •  Be specific – State exactly what you desire. Visualize what you want to create.
  • Practice gratitude – Live is gratitude for what you presently have as well as for what is to come.
  • Release your desires and intentions to the Universe. Allow the energies of the Universe to work mysteries and bring your intentions to fruition.
  • Have faith – Know you have been heard. Accept that your desires will be achieved with Divine timing.
  • Be patient – Relax! Enjoy your life knowing you have taken steps to successfully create your physical and spiritual desires.

During the time of Winter Solstice you may have looked back at 2011 to see how you expressed your manifestations in the recent past. Remember you create your life; you are limitless! As you become dedicated to your spirituality and surrender yourself to your higher self or God, you will begin to manifest for a greater spiritual understanding. Trust and accept that your material desires will be met.

In the material world where we exist together, what do you wish to create? In the connection of Spirit to your physical body, what will you manifest for your spiritual longings?

And always – SHINE ON!


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